Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ready to go public

I started this blog a few months ago when a I needed a place to jot down some emotions I wasn't ready to share with all my friends and family. I knew that eventually I wanted this to be my "CF blog" where I get to really delve into the heartbreaking, funny, stressful, embarrassing (and the list goes on...) aspects of this illness. I also hoped that someday it could be a place where I could branch out and network more with other CFers.
Well, I still don't have very many original posts,but I copied some from my family blog that had to do with CF, so the order or context might be a little confusing, but hopefully they will give you (you being the readers I might someday have, if anyone other than my sister ever reads this :) ) more of an idea about me. I don't make any promises about how often I'll post, but feel free to check in once in a while!


  1. Thanks Cindy! You and Jenny can be my two faithful readers!

  2. Hey, I'm going to be a faithful reader now!!! Would you mind if I add you to my blogroll on my site?